Don’t Mess with DACA

As someone who has written that Donald Trump, Republicans, and his supporters are not entirely wrong to be concerned that our borders were so porous that 11 million people entered the country illegally, I find his actions on DACA to be utterly ridiculous. These people were children, who had no agency whatsoever in their coming the US. They are fine residents of our country. To put them in limbo, with a hope that Congress will do the right thing, is just cruel. And the people who support this policy are cruel, as well.

Regarding kicking the can to Congress, I’m sympathetic to the argument that handling this issue really was its job all along. For the long-term health of the republic, we need to reign in the imperial presidency. Too much governing gets done by however the sitting president chooses to interpret the law. Congress should make a decision here. It also, ideally, helps get buy-in across the political spectrum. However, Pres. Trump could have made enshrining DACA a legislative priority without tearing the rug up under people. Again, cruel.


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