Welcome, and thank you for visiting my site.

By temperament, training, and experience, I’m a journalist. That means I believe in well-researched, fair-minded, and engaging writing and production about public affairs – no matter what the medium – text, audio, or video.

After an award-winning career in public radio and TV, I spent time in the unpaid economy raising a family and doing volunteer civic work that included writing, hosting public informational events, engaging with state legislators, and serving on a non-profit board.

I’m now focused on writing, but I remain open to the use of the rest of my skill set. That includes researching, editing, audio and video production, program hosting, and voiceover work. I’m also interested in teaching opportunities.

I currently live in Singapore. Before that, I was a life-long resident of the Great Lakes region of the United States and proud of it.

My interests include politics, economics, philosophy, science, religion, and history.

Please read my blog Grinding the Lens, or visit my Facebook, Twitter, or Medium feeds. Please also look on my Publications & Pieces page for more of my work.

If you are interested in any of my services, collaborating on a project, or seeing my complete CV, please email me at poorman(at)billpoorman.com or use social media direct messaging.