Political lines continue to blur

Today I found an interesting article written more than a year ago by Brink Lindsey. He’s the vice president for research at the libertarian think tank, the Cato Institute.

This is normally not a person, nor a organization, that I would have found myself agreeing with. For a long time now, libertarians have been avid supporters and enablers of the conservative movement that has run this country off the rails. However, in this article, he finds commonality between libertarians and liberals and even suggests places where the principles and policies of the two groups can intersect. The title of the article is even “Liberaltarians”.

I’m not prepared to buy into the entire Washington D.C. libertarian agenda, which to my mind, still favors corporate and monied interests. However, it does make me think again, as I wrote in this post, about how labels are changing, and it’s up to the Progressive Movement to seize upon the opportunity to go on the offense, instead of always being on the defense.

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