A couple of follow-ups

Torture is immoral and more

Referencing my earlier post, torture is immoral. Period.

But on top of that, it’s ineffective and illegal.

Oh, and it’s simple to define, too. Just listen to the head of U.S. intelligence.

And on what I see as a related note, the head of the U.S. military wants to close down Guantanamo detention center because it’s damaging our reputation worldwide, which presumably is undermining our efforts against terrorism.

More science of morality

Digging through some stuff I had saved awhile ago, I came across more on the science of morality here and here.

And one last thing…

First let me say that what I’m about to write is not in any way intended to ask you to click on ads displayed on my blog. I’m not allowed to do that under the terms of the contract with Google Adsense. Only do so if you really want to.

That said, you’ve probably noticed that I use Adsense to post ads on my blog. As I understand it, Adsense periodically analyzes your posts and serves up ads that seem to correspond to the content.

Just now I spotted a simple ad that reads, “Hall of Shame: A list of companies that undermine traditional family values.” It’s for a collection of mutual funds that offer “a biblical choice when it comes to investing.”

I’m just guessing, but I think that the Adsense robots linked all of my morality talk with a religiously conservative advertiser.

That right there tells me that the Progressive Movement and liberalism have a long way to go with laying out our moral case in opposition to the conservative movement. At best, progressivism might have “socially responsible” investing, but that’s not the same thing as saying – and meaning – morally responsible investing.

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