Meanwhile, this was happening while Comey was being fired. A reporter was arrested for asking questions of administration officials in a public setting.

It could be that he was yelling the questions, but that’s not at all unusual for reporters who are trying to get answers from public officials as the officials are desperately trying to get away without answering. And sorry, reporters – or any citizens, for that matter – don’t have to wait for press conferences to try to get answers.

Now, it could also be that he repeatedly ignored Secret Service agents as he tried to get closer. But let’s be clear about this: Public officials are supposed to be accountable. They should use protection services for just that, protection. But they shouldn’t use protection services to avoid uncomfortable questions.

Finally, if public officials have a patriotic bone in their bodies, they sure shouldn’t brush off reporters getting arrested for doing their jobs. But there doesn’t seem to be much stomach for defending our liberal republican tradition nowadays.

Price On Reporter’s Arrest: The Man ‘Was Not In A Press Conference’

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