“Clinton’s GOP supporters expect something in return” – POLITICO

Look, if you’re a Republican, there’s still a responsible one in the race, and it’s Clinton. Yes, I know she’s a liberal Republican, which is galling. You thought you had successfully driven those from the party and didn’t need them anymore. And no, you won’t get to satisfy your irrepressible urge to vote for your party, no matter what, since she’s nominally a Democrat. But you will likely get most of the policies you want – which will be well within international norms for a conservative party. Your other choice is a radical, bigoted, white nationalist agenda – well, unless Trump is lying about that, too. Sorry your party has put you in such a jam, but it’s not like you couldn’t see this coming. It’s too bad that your base stopped taking you seriously and wanted someone who brazenly talked the talk you only hinted at. And he won by repudiating all of the economic ideas that you thought were your orthodoxy – bashing trade and whatnot. Now you’re worried he’ll actually mean it. So you’re left with Clinton, which quite honestly, I don’t think you’ll find such a bad choice at all.

via Clinton’s GOP supporters expect something in return – POLITICO

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