Hawaii Five-O becomes the Love Boat

So, when I was a kid, the Love Boat was a hit show. It often featured what I perceived to be older actors and actresses that I didn’t recognize at all, but because they were on the show in a prominent way, I figured they must be somebody famous or have been famous at one time.

Recently, my wife and I have been watching Hawaii Five-O – the new one, featuring people near our age, late 30s to mid 40s – and actors and actresses keep popping up in prominent roles that I recognize from when I was a young adult. For example, Melanie Griffith and Tom Berenger are the parents of one of the lead characters. Daryl Hannah portrayed a real estate agent.

Would my kids recognize these actors? No. Would my kids see them as older? Yes.

I’m old. And my shows have become the Love Boat. Crap.

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