Taxes pay for stuff – part I

So I received my property tax bill the other day. I always love getting the statement. It’s a great reminder that those dastardly taxes that conservative and Republicans like to complain about actually pay for – you know – stuff.

I’m not going to post the bill itself. (I guess I’m still trying to hold the line against that whole “the Internet means no privacy” thing.) But here’s the breakdown of my Tazewell County and Morton property taxes:

  • 70% goes to the local public schools
  • 6.7% goes to Illinois Central College
  • 2.4% goes to the local library
  • 4.4% goes to local parks
So, more than three-quarters of my property taxes go to education. Gosh darn those kids (and young and older adults at ICC) and their schooling!
Add in the library and parks, and fully 83.5% of my property tax bill goes to education and quality of life in Morton. Darn that quality of life!
Two percent is specifically broken out for roads. I like roads. They help people get to places in cars and trucks, you know. Places like work, stores, customers, hospitals, etc.
So that leaves just 14.5% of my property taxes going to “guv-mint”. Just 14.5%, covering all of this, including things like law enforcement, courts, and public health.

Putting this another way:

Next up, state taxes.

One thought on “Taxes pay for stuff – part I

  1. That's the way I always feel when I pay my property taxes. I want good education for all, good roads, good city services. I feel patriotic when I pay my assessment. Of course it is hard writing those two sizeable checks, but to keep my city improving and helping every citizen it must be done.


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