So why doesn’t God get busy ending abortion already?

So, a group has begun a 40-day vigil in the Peoria area to end abortion.  The Peoria Journal Star has an article on the vigil here.

To quote the article:

“We’re praying to God to end abortion,” said Karen Guth, the national group’s local director, at East Peoria’s Riverfront Park on Sunday night. “And we’re looking to continue growing to accomplish that.”

Okay, if God really, really hates abortion, why doesn’t it get busy ending it already?  What good is praying about it going to do?  Does God need to know that you really, really hate it, too, before it’ll do anything about it?

Certainly one of those times when I’d like to get into a conversation with one of these folks.  Maybe I’ll try to get to one of their vigils.

Update:   I felt the time had come to lay out my view on abortion publicly, after having done so several times at meetings of Drinking Liberally.  Look for those here.

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