A Step Toward Medicare-for-All

I have to admit: I never really was a big fan of the public option in health care reform, especially because of the countless ways in which it was so constrained and complex.

That’s why I’m more encouraged by what seems to be a compromise coming out the U.S. Senate – a limited form of Medicare-for-All. Obviously there are problems with this proposed system, too. For example, right now, it only will apply to people 55 and older, so more work needs to be done. But as I said, encouraging.

That said, let’s remember that Medicare has its own problems. We still don’t have a politically palatable way to bring down costs. The above solution might help with access, but the problem of ever-growing costs is an even bigger headache.

Response elsewhere seems to be pretty positive to the plan, too, although with all sorts of questions about details.

Paul Krugman:

If this is the final plan, it’s better than most of us were expecting — and definitely good enough to go with.

More from Ezra Klein and Howard Dean.

And here’s an article answering the questions, “How can this be? Isn’t it even more pinko than the public option itself?”

Life can be funny sometimes.

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