Karl Rove in Peoria

So, Karl Rove came to Peoria to speak. I applaud everyone who turned out to protest.

What was most interesting to me is, though, is this: I moved here about a year-and-a-half ago. I have read the Peoria Journal Star almost every day, including the stories and columns by the designated political reporters.

But I learned more about the politics of the Peoria area from the stories that came out surrounding this event than anything else during all that time, and that includes election coverage. Here’s one of the articles.

We have labor leaders criticizing business leaders. We have people naming names and laying blame. We have various agencies and elected officials all pointing fingers. Wow.

So, what was it? Does the Employee Free Choice Act really drive divisions that deep? Was it the fact that the oh-so-delightful Karl Rove was involved?

I’m not sure, but I’m sure glad he came. At least now I understand the clans, fissures, and issues of Peoria politics a bit better.

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