The Real Reagan

You often hear conservatives hearken back to Ronald Reagan as the ultimate vessel for all things represented by today’s conservatism.

In case you missed it, there was a great discussion over at TPMCafe last month regarding Will Bunch’s new book on Reagan called “Tear Down This Myth.”

The upshot is this: Ronald Reagan talked to our enemies (the Soviets). He raised taxes several times (Washington Monthly). He started the country’s recent march toward running persistent deficits, even in good times (so much for fiscal conservatism). He expanded government by increasing the number of workers (see the Washington Monthly again).

Honest history can be pretty unforgiving.

2 thoughts on “The Real Reagan

  1. Hi Bill, in a vainglorious Google blog search I stumbled across this — thanks, and I thought you should know my roots are in Peoria — both my parents grew up there, my grandparents A.B. (a Caterpillar worker who I believe was at the Morton plant for a time…duh) and Arlene Bunch lived in East Peoria for many years before they passed away, and my uncle Dale Bunch is still the chief owner of Midstate College in Peoria.So it’s good to know that I’m playing outside of Peoria!– Will Bunch


  2. Thanks, Will! And I’ll do my best to see that you keep on playing here. If you are ever in the area, I’d like to host you for a gathering of our local Drinking Liberally chapter. Keep up the great work!


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