Tackling national security (and everything else)

Kind of expanding upon my last post, in which I made the point that liberals should be talking up and demonstrating liberal values, here is a great post about liberalism and national security.

The author, Rand Beers, is dead right when he makes that point that liberals need to figure out what they stand for, then present it in a clear, simple (without being simplistic), compelling, and morally satisfying way.

His focus is on national security – which of course, is a huge problem for liberals. That’s why the liberal and progressive community has responded so strongly to the whole “appeasement” thing. But this needs to be done with all of the major issues.

I’m not calling for some sort of radical conservative misinformation campaign. We’ve all had enough of that. I’m simply saying that we have to put our best arguments forward in the best way possible. That’s certainly something that, in my opinion, liberals have failed to do for decades.

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