Roll more credits

I just wanted to point out again that I’m indebted to a number of recent authors who helped me puzzle through modern liberalism. I wanted to call one out and mention a few more that I forgot.

First of all, Bernie Horn’s “Framing the Future” is a great book. Some of his language comes straight through into my writing. I didn’t put footnotes in my previous posts, so to avoid someone accusing me of plagiarism, I’ll mention him again.

As for someone I failed to mention, I was introduced to how liberalism addresses luck by Matt Miller in his great book “The 2% Solution”, even though Miller calls himself a centrist.

And lastly, Sam Harris in his “Letter to Christian Nation” helped me to understand how important the question of suffering is when discussing morality. I also recently found Bart Ehrman’s “God’s Problem”, which I just started reading today.

Yeah, I love books.

One thought on “Roll more credits

  1. Peoria Pundit

    In my case, it was constant exposure to the works of Robert A. Heinlein that turned me into the libertarian that I am today.



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