Roll more credits

I just wanted to point out again that I’m indebted to a number of recent authors who helped me puzzle through modern liberalism. I wanted to call one out and mention a few more that I forgot.

First of all, Bernie Horn’s “Framing the Future” is a great book. Some of his language comes straight through into my writing. I didn’t put footnotes in my previous posts, so to avoid someone accusing me of plagiarism, I’ll mention him again.

As for someone I failed to mention, I was introduced to how liberalism addresses luck by Matt Miller in his great book “The 2% Solution”, even though Miller calls himself a centrist.

And lastly, Sam Harris in his “Letter to Christian Nation” helped me to understand how important the question of suffering is when discussing morality. I also recently found Bart Ehrman’s “God’s Problem”, which I just started reading today.

Yeah, I love books.

One thought on “Roll more credits

  1. In my case, it was constant exposure to the works of Robert A. Heinlein that turned me into the libertarian that I am today.


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