Some great stuff

Today, I’m just going to post some useful items that relate back to my posts so far.

Here are some great books that I think help point the right way for the Progressive Movement, in alphabetical order:

“How Would a Patriot Act?”, Glenn Greenwald
“How Liberals Can Speak Without Boring Everyone to Tears”, Thom Hartmann
“Thinking Points”, George Lakoff (this one is available entirely online here)
“Being Right Is Not Enough”, Paul Waldman
“The Political Brain”, Drew Westin

Also, check out these think tanks:

Center for American Progress
The Commonweal Institute
The Rockridge Institute

Also, something I haven’t really talked about, but I think is likely at the center of all of our problems, is a creeping authoritarianism in American culture. I’ll post more about this idea as time goes on, but here are two great books:

“Conservatives without Conscience”, John Dean
“The Authoritarians”, Bob Altemeyer (this one is also available entirely online here)

Lastly, if you’re looking for a couple of slightly older but still great articles on liberalism to buck you up, check these out:

“The Word ‘Liberal’”, Eric Alterman
“This Is Your Story”, Bill Moyers

Have a great weekend!

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