Scouting for all

I applaud BSA for this change. Scouting is an excellent program that I believe in and that I spent years supporting as a den leader and Cubmaster. My boys chose not to continue into Boy Scouts, but I had hoped they would. And now I think it’s great that girls will get the same opportunity.

Our country would be better off if more of our citizens – and especially our leaders, both in and out government – lived according to the Scout Oath and Law. And I say this as a secular humanist and a liberal who doesn’t have much use for the more religious and nationalistic elements of Scouting. Broadly, Scouting is about building character and resilience. Those human qualities shouldn’t know any boundaries.

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Carrying on without hope

I hate to admit it, but I approach American politics and current events with a deep sense of despair anymore. It wasn’t a one-two punch, but a one-two-three punch.

First, no one was prosecuted for turning the US into a torturer. Second, no one was prosecuted in the aftermath of the financial crisis. And finally, we took no action after small children were shot to pieces at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Collective madness grips societies, occasionally, so – in a way – it’s what you do after the peak madness that counts. We’re now in our second decade of letting enormous wrongs go unaddressed. And I don’t see any hope on the horizon.

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Many Americans voted to make an admitted sexual harasser president. Just sayin’.

If you are critical of Harvey Weinstein and you voted for Trump, then you are part of the problem, not part of the solution to sexual harassment.

On a related topic, this is a key reason I came to dislike Bill Clinton and be suspicious of the Democratic Party. Had he been a Republican, they never would have defended him like they did. None of us can avoid bias in our politics, but party politics seems to make us especially stupid.

Oh, and if you’re one of these people that wants to bring Hillary Clinton into this for some reason, I can only remind you that she’s not the president.