As of this week, Zika has firmly arrived here in Singapore, with 56 confirmed cases. We can add that to the list of mosquito-borne worries, including dengue fever. I really feel for expectant parents. These must be scary times. Medical researchers are on it, though. With some luck, their efforts will promptly produce results. Never forget that we are living in an amazing time in human history when this sort of outbreak can be addressed quickly by scientific endeavor.

Finding motivation where you can

It’s pretty obvious from anyone who scrolls through my various feeds that I don’t post consistently.

Instead, I get caught up (bogged down?) just with staying on top of issues in what I hope is an informed way. Also, world events can be pretty grim and are not exactly motivational. It can be hard to know where to start. So, in yet another attempt to get myself going, I’m going to note something that gives me hope.

Last week, August 25th, was the fourth anniversary of the Voyager 1 spacecraft becoming the first human-made object to pass out of the solar system. We have become, as a species, interstellar. If we can do that, then maybe, just maybe, we can pull ourselves together and live by our highest ideals.